About this Site


Posts on this site are intended to generally be in the categories of tutorials and reference information. The process of documenting work helps in information digestion and retention. Interests currently revolve around mechanical engineering (design, prototyping, analysis, CAD), materials science, and Python programming.


This website consists of a custom Django application. It was developed because I previously used WordPress and code would often become disorderly with the addition of various themes and plugins, and I wanted more control. Also WordPress is written in PHP; where Django is written in Python. This site's application features are barebones: basic blogging post and page functionality managed by the built-in Django admin. The admin interface has been enhanced with the CKEditor plugin and the django-filer package to manage uploaded media. The templating and styling is designed to be ultra minimal. Full responsive design is included using the Bootstrap framework.

Going through the process it is impressive how much can be built with Django with only a very little amount of code.